City of London, Hampstead Heath Fishing Permit
Terms & Conditions

Please note:


  1. Failure to comply with any bylaws, fishing regulations or obstruction of staff that are carrying out permit and Bivvi checks may result in prosecution and/or the suspension and removal of your fishing permit.
  2. BIVOUAC: can be a tent or a place where a person stays overnight/a temporary camp/shelter. (Remember umbrella systems if secured down or indeed covered will be regarded as a Bivvi.)
  3. All persons fishing and using a Bivvi must not have their bivouac erected for longer than 48 hours. This will also cover multiple users. You may only bivouac for up to 48 hours at Model Boating or Men’s Bathing pond (south bank.) Night fishing is currently suspended at the Vale of Health Pond. 
  4. Any person/s fishing that is believed by a Constable to be displaying anti-social behaviour linked to alcohol use will be asked to stop fishing and will be required to leave the Heath. This may also result in prosecution and/or the suspension and removal of your fishing permit.
  5. We ask that you keep your areas clean and tidy at all times. If you have any rubbish please use the bins nearby. If you have any tackle to discard we ask you to dispose of it safely at home or indeed in the tackle bins provided.
  6. Can we ask that you do not pre-bait during the closed season.
  7. Please note that Heath toilet facilities are not available during night time hours.
  8. Fishing is not permitted from the north bank of the Men's Bathing Pond - Hampstead Heath 

If you have any enquiries or questions please use the contacts below. If using email please put C/O Fishing Officer.



Heath Constabulary: 0208 340 5260


Fishing Regulations

The Heath is a haven for wildlife so we ask that you follow You must follow national and local rules (bye-laws and regulations) when freshwater fishing with a rod and line in England and Wales.

·       Note that the fishing season is closed 15 March - 15 June (inclusive).

·         Night fishing is not allowed by anyone under the age of 16 unless accompanied by an adult.

·         An Environment Agency rod license must be held, except children under 12 years of age.

·         You need to obtain an annual fishing permit from online before fishing on the Heath

·         You may only bivouac for up to 48 hours at the Model Boating or Men’s Bathing pond (south bank.) Night fishing is currently suspended at the Vale of Health Pond. 

·         Permits and rod licenses must be presented upon the request of City of London staff or Constabulary. Failure to comply may result in removal and/or prosecution.

·         No fish, aquatic animals or plants should be introduced to or removed from the ponds.

·         The use of waders to enter any pond to fish is forbidden.

·         All anglers must have a landing net and disgorger.

·         No keep nets or carp sacks are to be used.

·         All fish are to be handled carefully with wet hands and using wet equipment.

·         Unhooking mats must be used to unhook large fish.

·         No bait boats, live bait (including crayfish), or bait nuts may be used.

·         Ground bait should be used in sensible quantities in order to preserve water quality. Unused bait must be taken away.

·         No lures, spinners, barbed hooks, bent hooks, lead shot, lead leaders, tethered rigs, bolt rigs or braided lines are allowed.

·         Only three rods may be in use simultaneously.

·         All broken line must be removed to prevent water birds becoming ensnared.

·         Your hook line hook line must be of lower breaking strain than the reel line

·         The reel line must never be used directly to the hook, without a weaker link

·         Tackle must be free to slide off the line (towed lead, feeder or float can snag the fish)

·         If pike fishing, minimum line breaking strain should be 12lb, and minimum trace of 18" of 20lb wire

·         Suitably-sized knotless landing nets must be used at all times (minimum size of 106cm (42in) when specifically fishing for carp).

·         All anglers must have a disgorger and forceps for removing hooks.

·         Unhooking mats must be used to unhook large fish.

·         A weigh sling or bag, in good condition, must be held above the unhooking mat during weighing.

·         When photographing fish, have all the photographic equipment ready before bringing the fish to the bank.

·         The fish should be photographed over the mat, as close to the ground and as quickly as possible.

·         Please respect fish of all species and all sizes by returning them to the ponds as quickly as possible.

·         Never drop or throw them back into the water but use a sling or enclosed mat for the transfer.

·         All rubbish must be put in appropriate litter bins or taken away.

·         Under Environment Agency bye-laws it is an offence for baited rods to be left in the water unattended.

·         Hampstead Heath bye-laws must also be adhered to.